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STEER and TREES 2013 in Palmerton, PA
Ambler, Pennsylvania
Gulf Coast After Oil Spill and Palmerton, PA
Our 2014 STEER and TREES Students visit the Superfund site in Palmerton, PA.
Chester Environmental Health Equity Quilt
STEER and TREES in Palmerton 2017
STEER and TREES in Palmerton 2017

For Community Members

How can I find a doctor specializing in Occupational and Environmental Medicine?

Occupational and Environmental Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania: The clinic is located at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) in center city Philadelphia.  The Occupational Medicine Division at HUP offers comprehensive occupational and environmental health care.

Where can I learn more?

Learn About Our Target Communities and Environmental Issues in Their Area!

How polluted is my environment?

Where can I find more information about asbestos?

How can I safely renovate my house?

How toxic are products that I use in and around my house?

NIEHS Resources

Environmental Health Chat Podcasts!

NIEHS Kids’ Page!

NIEHS Fact Sheets:

Asthma and It’s Environmental Triggers

Lead And Your Health


Poison Control Center

Brochures produced by the CEC! Please feel free to download and print the brochures.


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Lead Soil Infographic

Indoor Air Pollution




Are you a health care professional or community leader?

Medical grand rounds and community discussions or talks can be arranged. Please contact us for more details!

Are you a teacher?

Teacher training programs for curricula in lead and air pollution are available, please contact us for more details!